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    bug in Dynamic Selects Richfaces 4

    Mohammad Weshah Novice

      Hello Professionals,

      i have the case which is the population of one select is depend on the other select so when i select a value from the first select the second one is rendered and display the populated data.


      i used the example in the Richfaces 4 demo :



      i want the second list to be always displayed so I removed the rendered attribute from the second select .

      and i add a <a4j:commandbutton value="Press Button" action="Hello">


      the Bug is :

      when i select any data from the second select and then press on the button i have the following error message in the screen :



      the ssss is the id for the second list .


      Note : i did not change any code from the demo just remove the renderd attribute from the second select .(you can take the code from the demo)


      IT works if :

      1- i add the condition on the rendered attribute and change it to true or false as the demo did.

      2- convert the bean scope to the session.


      but my case want the second select always rendered and my bean is request .


      please advice.