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    JBOSS_XML with Smooks

    Krzysztof Kardas Newbie

      Hi everyone.


      I have a problem. I am trying to develope a service that takes a data from standard JBoss_XML message body, and generate a XML with Smooks. I have created xslt template for outgoing xml but I can not find out how to inejct message from ESB to smooks action. The only examples I see are with JMS message, and none with JBoss ESB.


      Please help.

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          Tom Fennelly Master

          Need more info.


          What exactly do you mean when you say "... inject message from ESB to smooks action"?  What are you hoping that will help you achieve.  I know that the SmooksAction does not set the ESB message into the Smooks BeanContext (or the top level ExecutionContext).  I think doing so would make a lot of sense because it would allow Smooks extensions to access the ESB message.  Is this what you wanted to do?

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            Krzysztof Kardas Newbie

            Hi Tom.


            Thanks for reply. Ok. Maybe I have used wrong words for what I am trying to do.


            From begining. I am creating a simple message by

            MessageFactory.getInstance().getMessage(MessageType.JBOSS_XML); and add some fields to the body for examle some keys and strings, integers. I am working with ESB client now with JMS. This message I am trying to send to ESB to my own service which should transform those data to another xml which is formated by my xsd file. Now the question is - how can I create those mapping in smooks. Shown examples only shows messages sended to ESB by JMS service. I haven't found an example send by ESB client. Examples looks very simple because we have source XML. But using MessageType.JBOSS_XML we do not have any xml to see, how the xml file for smooks looks like.


            Sorry for my bad English.