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    context menu position is wrong

    Deb Dutta Novice

      In mozilla,
      if i open a conetext menu by keyboard short cut [by pressing menu key],
      the context menu is always opening on the top-left corner of the page.

      This is my code,
      and by keyboard short cut menu key i am firing onclick event of h:graphicImage...

      <h:graphicImage id="contextImgGR_KUN_7130" value="" style="display:none;">
      <rich:componentControl event="onclick" for="contextGridGR_KUN_7130"


      and the context menu is

      id="contextGridGR_KUN_7130" event="oncontextmenu" disableDefault="true"
      attached="true" attachTo="GR_KUN_7130" submitMode="ajax">
      <rich:menuItem value="#{winkun9.CLA_KONST_23}">
      <rich:menuSeparator />
      <rich:menuItem value="#{winkun9.CLA_KONST_24}"
      <rich:menuItem value="#{winkun9.CLA_KONST_25}"
      action="#{winkun9.saveGR_KUN_7130Profile}" oncomplete="showProfileWindow()"


      the code is working fine only there is a positioning problem.....is there any way to specify the context menu posing near cursor?