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    Service Unavailable Error

    Nikos Massios Novice

      Hello mod_cluster community,


      We have two physical servers running Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Each windows machine is running an Apache http 2.2.17 with mod_cluster 1.1. Further, each physical server is running two JBoss AS 5.1 GA nodes with a JBoss ESB installed. In total we have 4 jboss AS nodes in a cluster configuration. The mod_cluster plugin is loadbalancing http requests along the 4 jboss nodes of the cluster. There is a hardware loadbalancer to loadbalance requests on the two Apache http 2.2.17 servers.


      We are running in this configuration for about 2 months now without any problems until yesterday. Yesterday all of a sudden one of the two apache http servers started reporting "Service Unavailable" errors. The 4 jboss as nodes behind the apache node that was failing seemed to be ok and were replying to requests either directly or through the second apache server.


      The log of the apache http looks like the attached file


      Do you have any clues that you can give us for what to look for? The problem was solved after a complete restart of jboss and apache but this is not a nice solution.