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    Infinispan as cache in a jboss as6 cluster

    venkman Newbie

      Hi there,


      i'm trying to learn something about the new infinispan.


      I try to start a jboss cluster (AS 6.0.0, 2 nodes on same machine)


      and i try to use Infinispan as cluster cache. I want to have a cache, which switches to another node, when the working node crashes.


      I wrote a clustered stateful session bean like mentioned here:




      but how can i handle the Cluster(obejcts)?


      I tried this:


              GlobalConfiguration gc = new GlobalConfiguration();


              Configuration c = new Configuration();

              c.setCacheMode(Configuration.CacheMode.DIST_SYNC); //<-- here i try several enums


              EmbeddedCacheManager cm = new DefaultCacheManager(gc,c);

              cache = cm.getCache();


      in the Bean, and wrote getter and setter, but when i kill the clusternode, on which this is running, theres no switching to another node in the cluster. (I think, that's, because i set the Cache Object in the Bean --> Bean has been killed --> Object has been killed) but thats no cluster cache... .


      So, how can i implement a cluster cache with infinispan? Have i use xmls, annotations or coding in the bean? I read many of articles here in the Community, but none of  them helps... me.


      Can someone please help?