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    Partial rendering for pure HTML element possible ?

    Shameer Kunjumohamed Newbie

      Is it possible to partially refresh a pure HTML element, say, an HTML table or a TR element (a row in a table) on an ajax event using the render attribute of the event source ?


      The functionality I am building is a collapsible table with summary and details. I am rendering an HTML table with rows and columns inside an a4j:repeat. I cannot use rich:datatable here, since I need to change the colspan of the columns in a row(to make just once cell in that row and add a detail table inside it) on selection(on click of a row). I could not find a suitable component for this in RF.


      Now I want to refresh(rerender) the selected row on click of a button on the same row. I tried giving render=rowId of the commandButton, it doesn't work. It doesnt return anything as reponse from server except the viewstate data.


      I tried putting a region also around the row(just inside the repeat), it does sends the entire row as reponse, but it doesn't repaint on the GUI.