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    How to use Google's Virtual Keyboard in Richfaces

    Yesudas S Newbie

      Hi Guyz,


      I need to integrate the google virtual keyboard with richfaces input text box.


      When i integrated it in plain jsp file, it is working fine.


      But when i integrated it with jsf that is .xhtml in an input text box, it is throwing some javascript error in google's keyboard.js file.


      When i investigated further,

      jsf or richfaces generates an javascript in "framework.xhtml" file and attaches as a script before delivering it to the browser.

      You can see this by saving the rendered page in the browser using (File->Save Page As).


      When i remove this framework.xhtml script from the saved head tag of the html file,

      the virtual keyboard is working fine.


      Anybody has any idea on this?