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    Getting ready for 2.5.0.Beta2

    Randall Hauch Master

      As you may recall, we're trying to do much more regular releases on about a 3-4 week cycle. Since that's pretty frequent, and we've started using beta releases. We released 2.5.0.Beta1 was almost 3 weeks ago, so we're about ready to release 2.5.0.Beta2.


      We've made a lot of fixes since Beta1, including a few new features and some additional performance improvements. We have not yet been able to finish all the features and fixes that we want included in the final release, but we're making progress.


      However, there are a couple of fixes ready to be merged into the 'master' branch, so we need to decide which we want to include in this next release:



      My preference is to merge all three and then release 2.5.0.Beta2 no later than Monday, but all three are substantial enough that I'd like to have them reviewed and discussed before we merge them. Please take a look at the pull-requests and offer your comments.


      Unless people speak up, all other open issues currently targeted to 2.5.0.Beta2 will be pushed to a new Beta3 release, which will be scheduled roughly 4 weeks from now.


      Best regards,