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    Richfaces 4 fileUpload with MyFaces ExtensionsFilter


      I am in the process of converting an application to JSF2 & Richfaces 4. Part of the application uses the rich:fileUpload component. After upgrading to Richfaces 4, rich:fileUpload stopped working. The fileUploadListener never gets called. After some troubleshooting, I discovered that the issue seems to be related to the MyFaces ExtensionsFilter, most likely its handling of multipart form data. Removing it causes the fileUploadListener to be called correctly. I noticed that prior to Richfaces 4, the app was configured with the org.ajax4jsf.Filter before the MyFaces ExtensionsFilter, but org.ajax4jsf.Filter no longer seems to exist, so I don't no how to give priority to the richfaces upload. Unfortunately, the app is also using tomahawk's t:inputFileUpload, so the MyFaces ExtensionsFilter needs to stay. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Kelly