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    Snowdrop 1.1 error

    Joe Thomas Newbie

      We're trying out Spring with our JBoss5.0 EAP. My understaning is that by using snowdrop we get better intergration with JBoss and Spring. I downloaded the snowdrop 1.1 distro and unzipped itnto my /{config}/deployers directory:



      I also have a 3rd party poral .war that uses spring internally, I noticed the following exception when starting the server:

      Deployment "vfsfile:/C:/jboss-eap-5.0/jboss-as/server/production/deploy/liferay.war/" is in error due to the following reason(s): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Multiple matching files not allowed: [ZipEntryHandler@6825008[path=liferay.war/WEB-INF/lib/portal-impl.jar/META-INF/base-spring.xml context=file:/C:/jboss-eap-5.0/jboss-as/server/production/deploy/ real=file:/C:/jboss-eap-5.0/jboss-as/server/production/deploy/liferay.war/WEB-INF/lib/portal-impl.jar/META-INF/base-spring.xml], ZipEntryHandler@18873538[path=liferay.war/WEB-INF/lib/portal-impl.jar/META-INF/counter-spring.xml....etc


      however, when I add the following stanza to spring-deployers-jboss-beans.xml, the exception is gone:


         <bean name="SpringParserDeployer" class="org.jboss.spring.deployers.SpringParserDeployer">

             <property name="allowMultipleFiles">true</property>



      is this how we go 2 bat if we have multiple spring-based application on Jboss5.0?