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    Issue in dynamic rendering of AjaxCommandLink when coming through menu

    vinay bn Newbie

      Hi, am facing an issue in dynamic rendering of ajax command link when coming through menu[sometimes renders and sometimes wont].The menthod which is binded to prepare ajax command link itself wont get called sometimes n hence not rendereing.



      Please let me know reason for this problem and how to handle this.



      Sample code snippet used in application:






      private JsfPanelGridColOne linksGrid;


      public JsfPanelGridColOne getLinksGrid() {

              return linksGrid;




      public void setLinksGrid(JsfPanelGridColOne linksGrid) {

              this.linksGrid = linksGrid;



      public boolean isLinks() {



      AjaxCommandLink acl = new AjaxCommandLink();                        





      return true;







      <h:jsfPanelGridColOne id="privateLink" rendered="#{sample.links}" binding="#{sample.linksGrid}"/>



      Thanks and Regards

      Vinay BN