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    Could we set the filter of client consumer dynamically?

    Magic chen Newbie



      according to the document of hornetq, we should be better to  reuse the client consumer instance instead of create a consumer per request.

      While in our application, we need to use the consumer to pick up only one message according to a customized property.

      is there any better solution for this instead of create and destroy the consumer once it get the message?


      thx a lot.

        • 1. Could we set the filter of client consumer dynamically?
          Leos Bitto Novice

          What messaging systems need to do be be efficient is to feed the messages to the consumers, with the filtering done at the server side, filling the cache of the messages at the client side, awaiting the client to process them. To be able to do this, the client must inform the server which messages it is interested in. Your design does not fit this, so I think that the messaging is not the right solution for you. Maybe just use a table in the database, with the proper index on your customized property...