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    Example article available on how to integrate Arquillian with Shiro


      Hi Arquillian developers,


      I just blogged an article here: http://spring-java-ee.blogspot.com/2011/04/using-shiro-for-authorization-via-cdi.html


      This is about an example of integrating 4 separate cool (and practical!) stuff:

      1. Shiro for security (authentication and authorization)
      2. Use of CDI interceptors so that you don't have to sprinkle your business logic code with orthogonal concerns
      3. Integration testing (actually it is unit testing inside an integration container) your application in Arquillian, demonstrating that it is just as easy as plain JUnit tests. "Look ma, no manual wiring!"(tm)
      4. How Maven project management build tool helps in doing the tasks above easier, no more searching for stuff and configuring classpaths


      Plus a freely available GitHub project to easily run the example.


      I hope this can help developers to get started with Arquillian.


      It'd be great if this can also be incorporated with the official Arquillian examples (with adjustments), to show how it can help test applications involving third party libraries (like Shiro).


      Let me know what you think :-)