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    Richfaces 3.3.3 - refresh rich:modalPanel datatable content

    Ivan Costa Newbie



      How do I refresh only the content of a datatable inside my modelPanel when a click a commandButton inside it (without closing the modal) ?





          <ui:include src="/template/modalPessoa.xhtml">

              <ui:param name="idModalPane" value="idModalPessoa" />



      My modalPanel is in this fragment below:



      modalPessoa.xhtml (content simplified)





              <div id="divModal">


              <rich:modalPanel id="#{idModalPane}" width="800" height="400">


                      <rich:dataTable id="datatable1" value="#{buscaPessoa.pessoas}"

                              binding="#{buscaPessoa.tabela}" var="item" >


                               <a4j:commandButton value="Pesquisar" action="#{buscaPessoa.actionModalPanel}" >




      Thanks in advance