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    jBPM5 and MySQL??

    Mike Altieri Newbie


      I recently pulled down jBPM5.1 and am about to try to run the installer again using MySQL - I was wondering if anyone has done this and if so what version(s) of MySQL seem to work? 


      I found this discussion http://community.jboss.org/message/577830#577830 about how to configure it and am following that.


      I'm also likely going to extend the build.xml that the jBPM installer comes with so that I have a clean way of reproducing the install with MySQL


      any pointers or history is appreciated - I will share my findings as well.




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          Mike Altieri Newbie

          Ok so today I installed mysql 5.5.11 and adjusted the 3 files





          I then adjusted the build xml a bit and ran demo.install.mysql ...

          this is a new target I added that will pull down the mysql jdbc connector jar


          this ran pretty well


          I then ran the ant target demo.start.mysql (this is a new target that is the same as demo.start except no h2 start)


          I ran the sample and jbpm console seemed to work ok - but i am getting errors in the process tab related to no persistence provider...


          however when i run the sample processtest.java class and login via krisv I can work on the self-eval form...


          so I think this worked for the most part - I still need to figure out the no persistince provider error with the process tab - any help there would be appreciated...


          I'm not quite sure how to attach the modifed build.xml or other xml files to this post - but once I figure that out I will attach those as well...

          (I obviously didn't scroll far enough when I first wrote this!!! I have attached the files now!)


          I also at first attempted to install into a different directory than the one i downloaded the installer to... I modified a few things in the build.xml and build.properties files to attempt this but was unsuccessful - and didn't bother to chase it for long - has anyone tried this before successfully?

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            Jimmy dong Newbie

            Hi Mike!

            Do you have solved the no persistince provider error with the process tab  problem?

            I have the same problem .anyone who can give some suggestion will appreciate!

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              Sanket Mohile Newbie

              Hi Mike/Jimmy,

              jBPM jar jbpm-bam have persistence xml in them which points to h2. Since you are not starting h2, this might be the one crashing.


              Suggest you to start h2 as well for these internal components to work. Your application data would go to mysql as you specified.

              Or another way is change the persistence xmls in the jar as well.


              Just a possibility. You may try that.




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                Jimmy dong Newbie

                You are right! I modify persistence.xml in the jar and everything is ok!!

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                  min jack Newbie


                  Thanks for your people!

                  I am a new fish to the jBPM, and i am wantting to get started installing the jbpm to lcoal database,which is a big problem for me ,Thanks again!

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                    min jack Newbie

                    Hi,Mike/Sanket ,

                    I check out the jbpm-bam-5.2.0.Final.jar file ,but I did not find there is a file named persistence.xml, And there is only one file name pom.xml in the path jbpm-bam-5.2.0.Final.jar\META-INF\maven\org.jbpm\jbpm-bam. Did you meaned it is  the file ? Or there is another chioce?Thank you!