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    jBPM Ejb dependency Problem

    pushpak1981 Novice

      Hi All,


      We are facing some issue with the jBPM shutdown and startup. We have installed jBPM 4.4 into jBoss 5.1 server.

      Along with jBPM we have our custom ear application which has ejb deployed into jboss. While spawing the jBPM processes

      we did a lookup for Process Engine from JNDI and started the business process into out application ear.


      Our jBPM processes (jpdl) are configured such that they use the EJB's which are deployed into our application (ear).


      Business processes are running properly when the server is running. But suppose if some Java activity is running and we shutdown the

      server (shutdown.bat) there is no clean shutdown it current executing processes throws and Ejb not bound exception. This is because

      the ejb's deployed into our ear applications are unloaded first even before the current running processes are stopped.


      Is there any way in which we can add a dependency into ejb / jbpm not to unload the ejb till the jbpm service is down?


      The same thing is happening during startup the jbpm application loads are starts the job executor looking for pending jobs and if pending jobs are found then it starts executing the process and throws abc not bound. This is because still our ear and ejb are are not loaded.


      There are 2 application in jboss deploy:

      1. jbpm

      2. abc.ear (this contains our ejb's)



      Please Help!!!