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    Issues closing rich:popupPanel via show condition, RF 4.0

    lukas.p Newbie

      I hope you can help me here, maybe it's just a stupid mistake.


      I have a modal popuppanel which I would like to show/hide dependend on a flag in the backing Bean, I use the following code:


      <rich:popupPanel modal="true" id="saveTemplateModalPanel"

        autosized="true" minHeight="100" minWidth="150"

        show="#{userReportBean.saveTemplateRendered}" zindex="2000">

         <f:facet name="header">

           <h:outputText value="Als Vorlage speichern" />


        <f:facet name="controls">

         <h:commandLink action="#{userReportBean.hideSaveTemplate}">X</h:commandLink>


        <br />

        <h:outputLabel value="Name der Vorlage:" />

        <br />

        <h:inputText value="#{userReportBean.templateName}" />

        <br />

        <br />

        <div align="center">

         <h:commandButton id="okButton" value="Ok" style="width:80px"

          action="#{userReportBean.saveTemplate}" />

         <h:outputText value=" " escape="true" />

         <a4j:commandButton id="cancelButton" value="Abbrechen"

          style="width:80px" action="#{userReportBean.hideSaveTemplate}">





      Please note that there is a h:form around my whole page, so it is not missing. The commandLink action just works fine and the popupPanel closes but the a4j:commandButton does only set the flag in the backing bean and i can see from my logs that it is also read, but as it seems the page does not get rerendered and therefore the modal panel stays on the screen. No messages or errors are thrown.


      Any ideas what is wrong here?

      I also tried h:commandButton and actionListener instead of action, same effect.