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    Richfaces and JSR 303

    Israel Fonseca Apprentice

      The BeanValidation API is integrated with JSF2, that's nice, and probabbly the rich:graphValidator is going to be the one to make graph validations (JSF2 dont have graph validations i think) on Richfaces 4.

      But what I want to ask is: Is the BeanValidation going to be supported in the RichFaces 3.2.x with the old JSF 1.2 too? Or is it going to be JSF2 only?



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          Alexander Smirnov Master

          Yes, RichFaces could use both Hibernate Validator and JSR-303 implementation as well. Framework decides which implementation should be use transparently: if JSR-303 classes present and default factory could be created then JSR-303 validator will be used, otherwise it uses Hibernate Validator.
          Release 3.3.1.GA has some issues with JSR-303 that has been fixed in the current 3.3.2 development branch.