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    h:outputFormat and f:param with complex value

    laurentg Newbie



      I would like format a message with 2 parameters. One of the parameters cannot be given to f:param directly in the value attribute since I need to format it also. See example below :


      JSF :


      <h:outputFormat value="#{messages['my.message']}">
           <f:param value="#{myBean.stringValue]}" />
                <h:outputText value="#{myBean.aNumericValue}">
                     <f:convertNumber maxFractionDigits="0" />


      messages.properties :

      my.message=A test message {0} {1}


      How can I do this ?


      Thanks for your help.

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          Sreemanth Pulagam Newbie

          hi  tried to solve this problem,


          approach 1



          aNumericValueFormatted is a new getter method which will return the formatted value.


          <h:outputFormat value="#{messages['my.message']}">
               <f:param value="#{myBean.stringValue]}" />
               <f:param value="#{myBean.aNumericValueFormatted}">




          approach 2(This has some issue)


          can you try the following snippet



          <h:outputText value="1234.123466666666666" binding="#{requestScope.simple}" rendered="false">
                      <f:convertNumber maxFractionDigits="6" ></f:convertNumber>
                  <h:outputFormat value="A test message {0} {1}">
                      <f:param value="Simple zero"></f:param>
                      <f:param value="#{requestScope.simple.value}">
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            laurentg Newbie

            Thank you for your suggestions.

            Of course, approach 1 works but I don't like it since I have to modify my model and introduce presentation concerns in Java code.

            Approach 2 doesn't work : the value stores in the binding property is of type "javax.faces.component.html.HtmlOutputText".


            Finally, I added a new method in a bean :


            public String formatNumber(double number, String format) {

                    final DecimalFormat decimalFormat = new DecimalFormat(format);

                    return decimalFormat.format(number);