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    Shareable Nodes removeSharedSet

    Tabish Shaikh Newbie



      My JCR data is stored in the following way













      The /metadataGroup/group1/<metadataNode> is created using workspace.clone() method and the <metadataNode> is cloned from the /metadata path to the /metadataGroup path


      All the nodes are shareable.


      Using the getSharedSet() API on /metadata/metadataNode1 shows me a count of 3


      But I am not able to remove all the metadataNode1 nodes using the removeSharedSet API


      It throws an error javax.jcr.InvalidItemStateException: Unable to find "{}metadata/{}metadataNode1"; lowest existing path is "/{}metadata"


      Is there anything wrong that I am doing


      Kind Regards,