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    SOAPClient taking lot of time to load wsdl

    ShravanKumar Raju Newbie

      Hi Experts,


      I have seen jboss soapclient taking lot of time to process the first message to targetted WSDL. (subsequent requests are getting processed too fast).


      I don't suspect the WS response as the reason for it, as have tested using other clients like (soap UI to consume the ws, or to open wsdl used browser any browser hardly 10 seconds).


      I'm finding the log messages in server log as follows many times for the same wsdl " Loading definition from cache".


      sometimes jboss is facing outofmemory errors.although memory allocated for the jboss process is more than 1GB


      Can we make some configuration to soap client invocation to speed up this?


      have attached 2 log files:


      1. wsdl_loading_repetetion.txt : for the above mentioned problems (log has messages for loading multiple wsdl)

      2 . keystoreErrorWhilePreloadingWSDL.txt : getting this everytime while loading wsdl

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          Tom Cunningham Master

          Is there any way you can give us a reproducible test case for this one?    


          I asked David Ward about this one and he suggested that possibly the error SOAPUI is getting is causing it not to cache (and then refetching it over and over again while still getting the error).   


          Do you see the same sort of behavior with other webservices (maybe it has something to do with the one you are using)?

          • 2. SOAPClient taking lot of time to load wsdl
            ShravanKumar Raju Newbie

            we have tested the same webservices using other frameworks like Sonic WSI framework which uses axis framework built in, in it.


            frequently facing the out of memory errors because of this.

            will be attaching the log for your understanding.


            I could share the wsdl, could you able to expose the wsdl using Soap UI for testing?


            Would appreciate if you can share some fine tuning details wrt SOAPclient usage. I'm concerned about the behavior and stability of the SOAPClient.