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    Session management issue in a load balanced non clustered environment

    suman komaragiri Newbie



      We are currently developing applications using JSF, Richfaces with JBoss as the app server. We have build a gateway application(not a portal) to access other applications. All these applications including the gateway application are deployed in different JBoss instances.


      From an deployment/environment per se


               We have two apache servers load balanced(with mod_jk and sticky sessions enabled)


      2.     We have two physical production servers in which we have different JBoss instances. Each application is deployed in different JBoss instances


      Issue we are facing


      We are having an issue with session geting timedout suddenly when we try to access the individual applications through the gateway application. The individual applications are getting timedout. The gateway application is not getting timed out. The gateway application is SSO enabled(not using Jboss single sign on) and the child(individual) applications are not SSO enabled. What we are trying to develop is when we open the child applications through the gateway application, the child application should have it's own session created through it's own app server instance and it should work independently that of the gateway application. Even if the user logouts from the gateway application, the child application should continue to work as it has it's own session that is different from gateway application session.


      When we bring down one production server we are able to work on the child applications by accessing them through the gateway application.


      Can anyone let me know if you have seen a similar issue and also if there is any solution. Appreciate your support. Please let me know if you need any more details to understand my problem.