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    tableStates differs

    nimo stephan Master

      In extendedDatatable, I inject the tableState via a stored json-string.
      All works fine.

      But one thing not:

      I have a save button which saves the actual tableState and before saving, it checks if the table state is already in my store, if not, it will be saved.

      However, when checking two table states via equals, I found out, that the active table state differs from the stored table state, even I have not changed anything on the extdatatable (grouping, size, ordering is the same as the stored one).

      The reason, why equality checks returns false, is that the ordering of json-string differs:

      This is loaded from my store:

      And after injecting into the extDatatable, the ordering of my json string was somehow changed:

      You see, two same tablestates but the ordering in the string differs, even I have nothing changed. Why?