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    Merging Arquillian Ajocado and Drone?

    Lukáš Fryč Master

      Hi guys,


      after discussion with Karel and Aslak at Confess, we would like to refine Ajocado project:

      we will no longer develop Ajocado TestNG and JUnit modules to run standalone without Arquillian.


      Instead, we will benefit from Arquillian Core and its modules for each testing framework and use Drone to integrate into test lifecycle.


      Thus, it would be worth to merge these to projects into one since Ajocado will no longer be able to ran without Arquillian Drone, wouldn't be?


      It will help with integration testing and prevent confusion of user ("which framework I actually use?" feeling)?

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          Aslak Knutsen Master



          Even tho Ajocado doesn't have it's own TestRunner integration and it relies on Drone to initialize it using Arquillian in a Test scenario, i still think Drone and Ajocado has two different goals.


          Ajocado is still usable outside of Drone as a Library, and outside a Test scenario as well for that matter. Drone on the other hand _only_ initializes Selenium/WebDrivers and integrate with Arquillian.

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            Lukáš Fryč Master

            I have concerns about who will actually use Arquillian Drone if I will provide AbstractAjocadoTest that will do "very similar job" from user's point of view.


            We will need to make Drone's additional values best-seller to avoid this. ;-)


            So my plan is to reintroduce AbstractAjocadoTest for both, JUnit and TestNG.

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              Karel Piwko Master

              Did I got right that you plan to provide JUnit and TestNG AbstractAjocadoTest which will use Arquillian Drone to prepare environment? E.g. user will be able to use Ajocado in a standalone mode reusing Arquillian internals?

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                Aslak Knutsen Master

                Drone's value is it can start you(Ajocado) and others like you(Selenium / WebDriver), in the same way, handle the setup of selenium server, integrate with Arquillian both for tests that rely on a existing external deployment (standalone) and for tests that use the Arquillian Deployers(container).


                The major value of Drone is it integrates you with Arquillian, which gives you everything Arquillian offers; JUnit, TestNG, Spock, RSpec etc, micro deployments, multiple servers.... and so on


                I don't understand your logic here:


                You have concernes who will use Drone if you provide a Runner, so your plan is to provide a Runner ?


                I thought the whole point of our discussion was, you don't need to worry about a Runner, let Arquillian handle that, via Drone. Your value is your wrappers around Selenium, fokus on what your good at. Don't waste your time diddling with junit/testng integrations, that's Arquillians job.


                Drone is your Runner.

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                  Lukáš Fryč Master

                  @Aslak, yeah, I got you now, and in short, it looks good for me!


                  @Karel, following Aslak, I would rather want to provide documentation and archetypes.

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                    Aslak Knutsen Master

                    And for Archetypes, see SeamForge..