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    Menu item not showing in rich:dropdown in case of scrollbar in rich:datatable

    Parul Grover Newbie

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      I have a problem in a JSF

      I am using rich:simpletogglepanel , rich:datapanel and rich:dropdownmenu

      if the datatable has a scrollbar in it,the dropdown menu doesnot show menu item in it otherwise its showing the menu item

      here is the code


      <rich:simpleTogglePanel switchType="client"> 

      <rich:dataTable value="#{satelliteDef.rowData}" var="rowObj"
      rowClasses="rowOdd, rowEven" width="100%"                   

      <rich:dropDownMenu style="float:left;" direction="bottom:left">

      <c:forEach items="#{satelliteDef.templateMenuItems}" var="menuObj">
      <rich:menuItem rendered="#{menuObj.getVisibility(rowObj)}">
      <a href="#{menuObj.link}#{rowObj.queryString}"><h:outputText value="# {menuObj.title}"/></a>



      Can anyone suggest what i can do in case datatable is having a scrollbar. Thanks in advance