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    How to define interface/operation and import wsdl

    Adam Bach Novice

      I'm trying to create a general implementation of WorkItemHandler for WebService representation.


      The idea is to allow specifying webservice call from BPMN2.0 diagram.

      I use javax.xml.soap package classes to call webservices. I use WSDL4J for wsdl interpretation.


      At this moment the last missing thing is setting operationRef to the serviceTask and defining interface (with operation) and defining import of wsdl. Additionaly I do not know how to access import statement in my handler. The link beyond contains example I'm trying to fully understand and recreate it in jBPM modeling tools like eclipse plugin and Oryx in Guvnor.




      I haven't found an option to make imports like that in eclipse plugin. In Guvnor when I create a process with service task I can't open it in eclipse editor, furthermore I am not convinced that this editor correctly creates bpmn2 models with all nessesery properties. But this is just my feeling.


      What I would like to ask You is to help me recreate the example from link in JBPM available environment. I mean the BPMN2.0 part, plus the import reference from WorkItemHandler. I can recreate mappings with ioSpecification, but I can't make and import and create interfeace/operation from eclipse/guvnor editors. Please if u know the way tell me! Or mabe it is not possible at the moment? I do not care if its Guvnor editor or eclipse one I just wont to have a possibility.