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    Process Instance Variable within WorkItemHandler

    Amin MC Newbie



      I have a custom work item handler and I would like to load the value of a process instance variable while executing the work item handler.  Basically I have a service method which does the following:


      public String getValue(Long processId, String variableName) {





        //do something with the value...but not modify





      When i call this service method within the execute method of the work item handler I get a nullpointerexception and the stacktrace indicates that the processinstancebytearray value of ProcessInstanceInfo is null. I guess this is because the process has not reached a safe point to persist.  Is there another way to get the value of a variable defined in the process within the execution of the work item handler?


      This is the final part of a POC I am currently working on demonstrating the use of JBPM 5 so any help on this would be extremely grateful.