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    JBoss ESB - can message store be disabled?

    Its Me Newbie

      For JBoss ESB, is there a method to completely disable the message store capability?


      The message store ( dbstore ) is defined in jbossesb-properties.xml.

      I've looked through the message store documenation but can not find any parameters to disable.


      I've attempted to use the :


      <property name="persistent" value="false"/>


      in the jboss-esb.xml, but traces still show way too much activity to the message store.




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          Hans Wolffenbuttel Expert



          What do you want to accomplish with disabling the messagestore? An ESB has to guarantee the delivery of its message which has been put on the bus. If you don't want your messages being stored you might want to use the INVM scope of the ESB.Or did you already try this?





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            Its Me Newbie



            If the messaging provider ( if I'm using something other than JBoss Messaging ) is already providing

            persistence, I can have situations that I don't need the ESB to provide persistence and it allows me

            to get better performance out of the ESB.


            I did try the invmscope option, however it had unfavorable results :

              - traces continue to show a large # of transactions going to the HSQLDB so invmscope doesn't

                appear to disable persistence.

              - it doesn't perform well under load (there are some recent posts)


            I suspect the answer is "no" to being able to disable the message store, but I just wanted to get