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    cobertura maven2

    Todd Morrison Newbie

      Can someone point me in the right direction on how to use Cobertura for Integration Test coverage reports?



      I have gone through the traditional Cobertura integration steps. Container tests actually execute as planned (against Jboss AS 6) with full passes.

      Cobertura site results are 0% coverage.


      It even appears that instrumentation of the classes works as planned too. All of the correct domain packages are in the report.... they just all say 0% coverage.


      (I know I am close, just need a bit of help to complete the rest)

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          Todd Morrison Newbie

          Should I be using JaCoCo?

          If so, does anyone have any examples of how to configure with Arquillian?


          It sounds like Emma and Cobertura didn't get extensions implemented.

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            Aslak Knutsen Master

            The collected intrumented data is collection and stored in the Server folder structure somewhere, most likely outside of Maven plugins reach.


            You could try to change the output folder in your configuration to see if you can read them, but.. trying to automate the integration I've found both Emma dna Cobertura to limiting in their APIs to be able to pass back to the client the collected data. They insist on storing them to disk on the server, which is useless in arquillians remote mode.


            JaCoCo has the bits needed to do this, but the integration is not done yet.

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              Nico Knabe Newbie



              I found the arquillian-extension of jacoco. What is the current status of that project? I compile it and bind it into my maven-project, but i get this error-message: initializationError(path.to.test.sampleIT): org/jboss/shrinkwrap/descriptor/api/Node


              I think that the current shrinkwrap-version doesn't have the class Node. What can I do to solve this Problem?


              big thanks