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    a4j:jsFunction richs it's actionListener just from 2nd call

    Nikita Sumeiko Newbie

      I have JSF2 and Richfaces 4 running on my server.

      Inside one of the <h:forms> I have a function:



      When I start the application and make a call to storeData("1020405060", "manakor"); function and debug the process with eclipse, I don't see any brakepoints are riched, but only oncomplete actions of the function are activated, but BackEnd actionListener is not riched. Right after I am making another call, completely the same, and only after 2nd try BackEnd action is riched!

      Does anyone knows, why it might happen? Is it an issue in RichFaces 4?


      Another point I have to add, that this <a4j:jsFunction> is loaded on the page not from the beginning of the application, but when I load a new page with <ui:include>. The function is loaced inside a new just loaded page. And a call is made after it is prepared and ready to be called!