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    JBoss AS 6 Clustering Session replication Problem

    Roshan Pradeep Newbie



      I have enable the session replication to simple session web project. But the session is not replicated first time when one node is getting up.


      Test Case


      1) Start one cluster node. After start the node, open my website. Now leave it as it is (not doing anything after open my sample page)

      2) Check the sessions from JConsole, now I can see the created session.

      3) Start the second cluster node. Once the startup is finished, check the JConsole of the second node and saw that the created session from first node is not replicated to the second node.

      4) Do something in my website, not the session is replicated to the second node properly.


      Use the following commands to up my cluster nodes:


      ./run.sh -c node1 -g TESTCLUSTER -b app8.testsvr.net -Djboss.messaging.ServerPeerID=1

      ./run.sh -c node1 -g TESTCLUSTER -b app9.testsvr.net -Djboss.messaging.ServerPeerID=2


      There is no any exceptions in the server logs and could some one help me on this???



      **** My problem is how to copy the session created in one cluster node to another cluster node when it is getting up?


      I am using JBOSS AS 6 Final.