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    Architecture question - Java Messaging with Microsoft ERP System

    Andreas Hoffmann Newbie

      Dear Usergroup,


      right now I am responsible for a JAVA programming project. We will implement a business web application on the one hand, and on the other we will face around 30 local and independent ERP systems.

      My idea now was to setup the communication between java web application and MS Navision ERPs over HornetQ, because I like to transfer messages in a secure and stable way.

      But as an inexperienced guy I am right now not sure if it is really possible, because the client implementation on Microsoft side will have to be done manually to get the connection.


      So my concrete question is... "Are there already people out there who set up a JAVA web application communication to Microsoft Navision / Dynamics over HornetQ / JMS ???"

      Any input, help, advice or general idea is very very useful.


      Thanks a lot