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    Weld Event Testing

    Todd Morrison Newbie

      What is the best way to test that Events are firing?


      Given qualifier,


      @Qualifier @Target({FIELD, PARAMETER}) @Retention(RUNTIME) public @interface Updated {}


      and Observer registration


      public void onAnyDocumentEvent(@Observes Document document) { ... }


      I have attempted


      boolean hasFired = false;
      MyUberBean userBean;
      public void blah()
      public void documentUpdateHandler(@Observer @Updated Document document)
           hasFired = true;


      Although the event is firing in the expected functional flow, it appears that the event callback is actually working on a seperate instance of the Test Container.


      This results in the Truth-Assertion to result in false, even though logging shows the event is fired before this assertion.

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          Aslak Knutsen Master

          That's true.


          The TestClass is only non contextual injected for @Inject support, it's not ran in JUnit as a Bean, but it's whithin the BeanArchive so if need be, CDI will create a instance of it(e.g. by the use of @Produces or @Observes), but this is as you state not the same instance as JUnit use.


          You need to use statics, or move the Observer out from the TestClass for this to work as expected.

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            Todd Morrison Newbie

            Static worked just fine.


            It should be said that all of my events are firing reliably. I have ~30 so far across 6 modules and I haven't run into any behaviorial bugs.


            Great work!