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    Possible bug:mutiple extendedDataTable in the same form

    Morten Thorstensen Newbie

      In our application we have several forms with two or more rich:extendedDataTable.

      This has worked fine in earlier releases of Richfaces, but in the final release we are having som troubles.


      Data in the second table are details from the first table, and when selecting rows in the "master"-table,

      the second table are rerendered. When this happends, selction in the first table is messed up, and several rows
      are marked as selected, even in a single-select table. It looks like things are working ok in the background, and the
      corrrect data are displayed in the tables, but the markings of selected rows is wery confusing for the user.


      Have anyone of you experienced this, or have a workaround?