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    rich:datascroller paging issue

    anshikabansal Newbie

      Hello Everyone


      I am facing paging issue with rich :datascroller. When my page loads I want the third page in of my table highlighted . In my backing bean I have set the page number to 3. Now when the  page loads , my table shows me the third page of the table only but the records are actually first page's records . Means , It opens the correct page but data is swapped with the first page data .


      Now if I click on the first page of the table and again click on the third page , then I can see the third page refreshed (with the correct records)


      Below is the xhtml code snippet


      <rich:datascroller id="ProducerFinraScroll"

      for="ProducerFinra"   process="ProducerFinra"  























      oncomplete=" onAjaxComplete()"



































































      Please give your inputs .

      Thanks in advance