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    How to reconfigure Arquillian to non-default configuration?

    marx3 Apprentice


      I have JBoss 4 together with JBoss 6 on the same server, so I reconfigured JBoss 6 to non-default ports set in binding-jboss-beans.xml:


      Now I have problem with using Arquillian, because I need to define those ports in arquillian.xml.

      I've found many different examples with arquillian.xml and they use different syntax. At first they have different namespaces, next they configure ports like this:





      or like this:


      <container qualifier="jbossas" default="true">


                  <property name="port">8181</property>


      There is also "engine" section. Documentation has only parameter description (Table 12.10. Container Configuration Options) but lacks example. The only example (in 4.4. Container configuration) use different parameters.


      Does anybody know how to properly define different port set in arquillian.xml?