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    Performance issue while pagination - RF 3.2.1

    TV Ramprasadh Newbie

      We are facing a performance issue while doing pagination using scroller.
      When no of rows per page is configured is less than 30, time taken to paginate and give control back to the user is approx between 10 - 15 sec. Once we increase no of rows to 40 or 50, time increases exponentially to close to around 30 - 40 sec i.e. the total time to paginate and give control back to user is around 30 - 40 sec when no of rows per page is around 50.
      Appreciate your your help in understanding and solving the issue as to why it takes so much time to paginate when no of rows ie beyond 40

      We have a j2ee web application which is on production using RF 3.2.1.
      In one of the application pages, we display row data using Rich data table and also have rich data scroller for pagination.
      The table displays one item per row and table is configued to user's max rows per page property. There are around 250 items in the result set.
      Data table columns are around 60 columns ( again this is configurable and some columns have render condition for dynamic display). Also we have rich tool tip on mouse over to show other information on each row. We have couple of input fields per row to accept user input
      Pagination is ajax single as true
      Table uses My Data Model that extends ScrollableTableDataModel
      Browser we used for testing is IE 6 / 7 on 1 G RAM win xp.
      UI is xhtml and uses JSF.

      Appreciate your help in this regard