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    Window 7 JBoss4.2.3 Eclipse Europa

    Richard Lin Newbie

      Hi there,



      I had encountered a very strange problem in Window 7 while running eclipse Europa with JBoss 4.2.3.

      I have Map a drive to a NAS folder which stores images.

      At the beginning, when I run the JBoss under Eclipse, I can access the file from the Map drive without any porblem.

      However, we I went away and PC went to sleep mode. After I wake it up, then I can't access the file in the Map drive any more.

      I got error:  java.io.FileNotFoundException: B:\xxx.jpg

      Even restart PC run as administartor I still can't get JBoss to access the file. But I can access the file via Window Explorer.


      I then went to my laptop which also runs Win 7. I also can access the file at the beginning.

      However, once the laptop went into hibernation, and when I wake it up.

      After that point I can't access the file in Map drive any more.


      Anyone knows what happened?