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    JPA Tools & generate  tables from entities

    Eric J. Van der Velden Newbie



      I create a JPA project and do

      New-> Entity


      It is a class type M with a @Entity and one field, id with a @Id.


      There is a error message: table "M" cannot be resolved. I understand that, because this table is not there yet.


      I do

      JPA Tools-> Generate Tables from Entities...


      I check "Export to database". The result is that schema.ddl is generated but no table M in the database appears (Q1).


      So I decided to do it by hand. But in the editor I see that the 'Connection profile' just above schema.ddl is not filled in (Q2). I fill it in by chosing my database connection's name and select the ddl in schema.ddl and execute it. Now my table M is there, which I see by selecting my schema in the 'Data Source Explorer' view, and refresh it. I have to do this anyway because now I can clean my JPA project and the error message: table "M" cannot be resolved, will disappear. 


      So my questions are: (Q1) why is table M not created? and  (Q2) why is 'Connection profile' not filled in. Or is it the intention of JBoss Tools that I create the table by hand by right clicking in  schema.ddl?




      Eric J.