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    Problem while invoking JSF Action Method

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      I have two selectManyListbox components in my jsf xhtml page. First selectManyListbox contains the list of items, so depending upon the values are selected from the first list box, i am populating another list of items in the second selectManyListbox components. Finally i need to passed the selected item values in my action controller method. But when I clicked on the buttoon the action methods doesn't called. If i am not selecting any of the item value from the second list box, in that case the action method is called properly. But i need to pass both the selected values in action method.


      Here are my piece of code.


      JSF Code:

                      <div id="report_project_fields" style="margin-top:5px;">

                          <h:selectManyListbox id="report_project_id" style="width:300px;" size="5" valueChangeListener="#{reportController.showQuestionnaireList}">

                              <f:selectItems value="#{reportController.availableProjectSelectItems}"/>



                             <a4j:support event="onchange" reRender="report_questionnaire_id" />




                      <div id="report_questionnaire_fields">

                             <h:selectManyListbox id="report_questionnaire_id" style="width:300px;" size="5">

                                     <f:selectItems value="#{reportController.questionnaireDisplayList}"/>






                      <h:commandButton id="preview_button"


                               value="Run Report"




      Action Controller Method:

      @Scope(value = "request")

      @Component(value = "reportController")


      public class ReportController {


           public String previewAction() {


            // Executing some piece of code here






      Kindly suggest what is exactly wrong in my code.