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    JBoss 6 or 7 training

    Paul Hinds Newbie

      Any one know where we can get JBoss 6 or 7 training in Spain.  RedHat's JB325 is way out of date.

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          Jesse Hazen Newbie

          Red Hat will not support AS 6, and does not yet support AS 7 (it will become EAP 6). So the training is not out of date; you simply have to wait for Red Hat to release the branded EAP 6 and I can assure you that training offerings will be released for AS7/EAP6.

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            Paul Hinds Newbie

            Thanks Jesse,


            very helpful, but not really what I hoped to hear.


            Do RedHat prepare training before AS7 is released or only after it has been released.


            Current training tells us stuff we already know since we use JBoss every day. But there is funky new stuff in AS7 like inifinispan and another new JMS that if they work as promised probably mean we can do some redesigning of our caching framework.



            Really we want to train the team on the version that will be in use when a project goes live, and we want to be on latest version every time we go through the pain of an upgrade.  Our projects take 6 months, so we want to have training on a version 6 months before its release date.  Is that ever going to be possible with RedHat.

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              Sehrish Rizvi Newbie

              I am new to JBoss AS 7 as well, and we are using it for our project in favor of fast startup times, and the new classloading which makes deploying our applications much simpler compared to JBoss 5 EAP.


              We didn't want to wait for EAP 6, and using JBoss AS 7 as a stepping stone for EAP 6, which is usually 95%+ identical to GA anyway. These guys are offering training for AS 7, and it looks like they are ex Red Hat employees:



              They also provide custom onsite training, they might be able to teach the course in Europe.

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                Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

                What about the different community webinars?

                There are lots of helpful videos and wiki pages.

                Also it will be more and more because of AS7.1 release in the near future.


                I think the JBoss training for EAP6 will be available soon after EAP6 release.

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                  Shahryar Gilani Newbie

                  The different webinars and online documentation is vastly improved over older versions. However, there is a reason why training is important.


                  Not only are students introduced to new concepts and features in a class room setting, they also get trained by industry experts with Real World vs Hello World experience.


                  If you look at the training outline: http://www.opensourcearchitect.com/education/jboss, you will notice that not only is the latest JBoss 7.1.Final version covered, but also management, deployment, architectural, and migration concepts are explained through practical labs in an instructor lead setting.


                  As far as Red Hat training is concerned, it is the number 2 source of revenue for Red Hat. There is a reason for this, because the documentation is lacking information provided in the training.


                  If manuals, wiki pages, and videos are so awesome, then why get a college education and what's the point of going to class?