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    Does rich:graphValidator work with custom Constraints?

    psesi Newbie

      I am using the rich:graphValidator to validate a input feilds managed by a backing bean. This seems to work fine for a number of fields I have annotated with standard javax.annotations, siuch as @Size and @Future. Note that I am using the Hibernate Validator 4.1.0 library. I have implemented my own custom constraint following the HibernateValidator Ref doc - Chap 3. "Creating Custom Constraints". The actual implementation is trival - with the isValid() method always returning false for now. When I swap out one of the standard constraints with my custom constraint, imy custom constraint does does not seem to get evaluated/executed - yet all the other standard constraints are evaluated. If I replace the custom constraint with a standard constraint (e.g., @Size) - it fires and I see the expected error message, etc. I was wondering if it rich:graphValidator works with only standard (JSR 303) constraints, or if maybe I've got something wrong. Thanks...