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    Is there a built-in way to implement event "onvaluechanged"

    Hardy Massen Novice


      The <rich:inplaceInput> component provides specific event attributes:
      "oneditactivation" which is fired on edit state activation
      "oneditactivated" which is fired when edit state is activated
      "onviewactivation" which is fired on view state activation
      "onviewactivated" which is fired after the component is changed to representation state.

      Is there any feature (i.e. event "onvaluechanged") built in the component, so that I can invoke a JSF-action method *only* when the value of <rich:inplaceInput> has changed? onviewactivated is fired, when value has changed and when value hasn't changed.

      I could deal with this issue manually on the server-side, but would prefer some other solution. ;)

      Regards, LeoLo