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    Repeat fork to join

    T-9000 Skynet Newbie

      Hi All,


      I have similar issue with fork to join.


      I have task1 going to fork1 , from fork1 spliting to task 3 and task 4, then task 3 going to task 3 decision ( reject goes to task 1 and approve go to join 1)

      same with task 4 going to task 4 decision( reject goes to task1 and approve goes to join 1)


      here are the senarios :


      task 3 decision get approved but task 4 desiciion get rejected, so it goes back to task 1 and then it continues the flow again till both get approved.


      I tried multiplicity on join 1 but then I don't know how many times each one will get rejected till both get approved.


      how can I handle this situation with join ???


      I am using jbpm 4.4


      any ideas welcome.