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    inserting a richfaces page into a gwt application

    Ricardo Memoria Novice



      I'm using Richfaces 3.3.3 final.


      I have to insert a JSF/SEAM page with richfaces components into a gwt application. The GWT application is loaded from a SEAM (blank) page. I made the following steps:


      1. Set Richfaces LoadStrategy to ALL (to make sure all Richfaces scripts are loaded into memory when the main GWT page is loaded);

      2. I created a richfaces page with no HEAD tag (because it'll be inserted in the DOM tree into a div component);

      3. The GWT app loads the SEAM + RichFaces page and include its HTML content iside the div tag;



      The Richfaces is displayed correctly inside the GWT app, but this page doesn't respond to any event (example: The richfaces Calendar doesn't popup when the user clicks on its popup button);


      It seems that a sort of Richfaces javascript initialization function is missing to bind all components to its events.


      Can you help me on that?