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    cluster handling non-persistent message in case node dies?

    Rudi Wirth Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      could someone pls help me with the following clustering (and/or HA/backup scenario):


      - N nodes in a symmetric cluster; round-robin of messages to a queue "q1".

      - consumers connected to all nodes;

      - non-persistent messages

      - every node in the cluster has a queue depth > 0 for "q1"

      - 1 of the N nodes crashes (H/W dies)


      Without having a backup node for every of the N primary nodes, will the remaining cluster nodes pick up the messages that were residing on the "q1" on the node that is no longer avail?  I understand there's re-balancing over an internal bridge between the N nodes but I can't tell if the above case is handled after the message have been enqueued.


      I am using non-persistent messages, so in the primary/backup scenario, no need to perform data migrating withing journaling or shared disk to the backup broker; in case the above doesn't work w/out backup nodes.


      Apologies if this obvious in the doc or discussion group.