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    jBPM 5-Asynch Notification/Receiving Task?

    Rama Kaldindi Newbie

      Hi All,

      Iam in process of exploring/evaluating jBPM 5 and BPMN 2.0. And one of the use cases that iam really interested in is:

      - Create a business process where each task/activity invokes a REST WS.


      - The process should proceed to next task/activity only when an Asynch notification  is received (probaly via receiving WS) on completion of business operation ( Note: Here business operation completetion does not mean the REST WS Synchronous http response. But rather completion of a business activity that was originally triggered byinvoking the REST WS in bpm activity).


      Now, I understand that a process can block for external messages using events but since events (event types) cannot be defined dynamically, Iam looking for a way to block the process until some external (dynamic) message is received. And such received message be evaluated for certain conditions. If conditions are satisfied, then the process should proceed to next task/activity/node. If not, then it should go back to the 'waiting' stage again until  appropriate message for that task is received (kind of conditional loop).


      - How do I achieve the above?

      - 'Receive Task' looks close to what Iam looking for but since the eclipe plugin for BPMN 2.0 does not seem to support it, I did not find a way of 'plugging' my condition or Java code in the task.

      - Does JBPM 5.0 engine continue to support 'Receive Task'?

      - Are there other alternatives to achieve the same in the current jBPM 5 implementation?


      Please advice.