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    how to use jQuery1.4 in richfaces3.3.3.final

    Lu Han Newbie

      Hi guys,

      Our team wants to upgrade the project from richfaces3.3.3.final to richfaces4.0.final. But we find some weakness in rf4.0.final, for example, view stat in multi-form limitation(I knew that result from jsf-impl2.0.x, it's not the rf4.0's issue), some components missing in rf4.0 will back in rf4.1.


      So, we decide wait rf4.1 and don't migrate currently.


      However, we need some jQuery plugin which base on jQuery1.4 or later, then the question is how to use jQuery1.4 in richfaces3.3.3.final?

      I have built rivhaces3.3.3.final manually, and it worked.

      When I change the below file configuration, and re-built, I found the jQuery is updated, but some component didn't work.


      edit {3.3.3.Final}\framework\impl\generatescript.xml

                <filelist id="jquery"






      files="jquery-1.3.2.js ->



      and add jquery-1.4.2.js to {3.3.3.Final}\framework\impl\src\main\javascript\jquery


      When I run the project, ajax and ui js have conflict issue:




      Would you please give me some advices?



      Lu H.