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    [JBoss 6.1] How to disable unused stuff

    mlo Newbie

      Hello everybody !


      We're currently using JBoss 6.1 Snapshot.


      Our application uses :


      - EJB 2 (Session & Message Driven)

      - HornetQ (Queues & Topics)

      - 2 data sources ( ---> MySQL DB)


      We're running JBoss in default configuration. But, JBoss is very slow to start...


      So we followed some tutos "Jboss slimming" in order to remove unused aspects of JBoss, but it still not enough.


      My question :


      - Can we start with the minimal configuration and add the needed jars/config files for our configuration?? We can't find out the config files/jars needed for ONLY ejb2/HornetQ/and data sources...

      - Or, start with default configuration and remove all the not needed jars/config files??


      Thanks in advance !