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    Partial Page Render

    nitish sinha Newbie


      I am getting some data from the database ( in form of List).I am printing this data to dataTable as


      <rich:dataTable    value="#{RealTimeSettlementDAO.usUnmatchTradeData}" var="dataItem"    rowClasses="row1, row2"

              id="taskList" rows="11"






      I have a Search buttono, on click of this button another Query get fired.This also return some data.I am trying to Render the dataTable with this new set of Data without Submitting the whole page.


      <a4j:commandButton ajaxSingle="true" immediate="true" value="Search" reRender="dataItem" action="#{RealTimeSettlementDAO.searchClicked}" />


      The problem i am facing is new data doesn't get populated in the Table unless i refresh the whole page

      is there any way that as soon as i get the new set of data the Table get populated with this new data.I am facing the same problem with drop down also.

      please help me on this



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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master
          ajaxSingle="true" immediate="true"

          with all that stuff added to the button all the inputs around (which you using I believe to add some search criterias) will be completelly ignored. So your "new" query will just based on the old criterias.


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